Survival guide

for the appalachian mountain

Appalachian mountain climate,geology

The climate is humid mild,With lots of green and grassy spots also lots of tree's,the low is 50-the high is 64 degree F,It is temperate

4 steps to survive in the Appalachian mountain

1.White tailed deer inhabit the land kill one and skin for food and cloth

2.Get water from a river in the mountain

3.Gather sticks and logs to make a shelter

4. use the leftover sticks to build a fire for cooking the deer meat

Some animals that live here

White tailed deer,bobcat,kingfisher,moose,american cougar,and eastern wolf

Kingfisher a bird that can be a food source,can look for food,No harmful,Not dangerous

Types of plants

Azaleas,Golden rod,aster

Golden rod flammability,its edible,poisonous