Quizlet for Vocab


There's a lot to be said for taking pen to paper and writing out words and definitions. For some students it is a process that solidifies what a word is and what it means. I won't lie, it is my preferred method of internalizing content. Typing things out just won't do it for me.

But, it may not be for every child. In fact, it might not be for many of them at all anymore. Remember, I'm old and old school. As much as I embrace technology and all it has to offer, I learned in a completely different way than the students of today.

Quizlet allows for ANYONE to create lists of words as flash cards and then gives them multiple ways to practice the new vocabulary. If you are not into creating flashcards, Quizlet's database of vocab will be sure to please.

Also, they do say that the person doing the work is the person learning. How about we have the kiddos create their own Quizlet flashcards and practice them?

Whoa, cool! How do I get started?

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It's a matter of creating an account and inviting your students to join you. See above for the specifics. If you have a Google account, sign-up and sign-in is extra easy!
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Once I'm logged in to my account I have the option of searching for content or creating my own. For fun, I've searched for sets on the water cycle. In the picture below, check out how many sets I found.
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OK, once I find a set, what do I do?

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After I look carefully at some of my choices, I will settle on a set that suits my needs. I can assign the set to my students to have them practice their vocab. My students used to go through index cards like they were paper or something. Say goodbye to needing those! Gone is the time wasted in class copying down vocab words and definitions.

Now, my students can flip through their virtual flashcards and play games to internalize the information I want them to learn and when they are in class, we can concentrate on applying the concepts instead of just memorizing them. Sweet!

Playing Games


Get your best time matching the words to the definitions.

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Protect your planet by correctly identifying your vocabulary.

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PC Mag Gives Quizlet the Thumbs Up!

That's a Wrap!

Oh, and there's an app for that too :) Students can learn from any device. How about that?