By: Preston Williams

Grand Slam

A home run with all three bases loaded.


A special baseball move intended on forcing the ball to land close the base forcing

the catcher to come out of his/her place to force home.

Dirt Dog

Dirt Dog is an athletic nickname given to certain baseball players who are considered scrappy or hardworking and tenacious and generally rough around the edges.


A fixed amount of time of play that can be chosen for a certain time span.

Perfect Game

A perfect game is defined in a major league where a pitcher or a set of pitchers dosent let the opposing team reach first base.

On deck

meaning next in line to bat.

Force Play

In baseball a force play is when a player is forced to vacate his path

Hidden ball trick

In the game of baseball, the hidden ball trick is a play in which the runner is deceived about the location of the ball, in an effort to have him tagged out.


When a batter gets 3 strikes then they strike out.


Starting pitcher on a team


In baseball a captain is an honorary title sometimes given to a member of the team to acknowledge his leadership.

Corked Bat

A bat modified to make it lighter


A player that has a batting average under.

Opiste field

A term that refers to the out field.

Earned Run

In baseball, an earned run is any run for which the pitcher is held accountable (i.e., the run scored as a result of normal pitching, and not due to a fielding error or a passball.


when two actions occur such as getting a runner out at first and a runner out running to second base


The tool used to hit the ball

Line Drive

hitting the the ball in bettwen first and second


when a runner steps of the base with one foot

Fair ball

a legaly batted ball