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By Logan Pearson


the research tap on the lakeview website has a large selection of resources, such as books, images, videos, and citation recorces.

Another tap in that is general/primary resources. It also has a lot of recorces, such as Ebsco host, that is a site that has a lot of e-books that are school friendly and safe. That is just one of the many sites that provides information, there are others though like mid-continent, library of congress,, etc.

in the image resources tab there are three links. one of them is morgue files, when you click on it it you will see search bar, you can type anything into that and search results will come up and you can copy any picture from there, but on some of the pictures you have to site although the majority of the picture you don't.

mid continent

The mid-continent library has a wide selection of resources. The site has online resources from books to reasearch mateirials etc.

If you are going to use the mid continent site you will need to use the code which is, 2000 500114 9413