Magnesium Man

Al Metal

The Life of Magnesium Man

Magnesium Man is the son of a scientist. When he was born his father did an experiment to see is he could make his son as tough as metal. He wanted the perfect mix of a light and strong metal so he choose magnesium. The experiment went as planned and his son turned out like he wanted. His skin bulletproof and his body able to melt down to fit into small places. He could eat anything and still have the perfect body because he has a very high metabolism. The only complication was he couldn't control when he turned into his protective mode which was turning into a solid metal. He was able to find a way to control it by drinking electron infused water. He has lived a very good life protecting Salt City.

Name: magnesium Symbol: Mg Atomic number: 12 Relative atomic mass (Ar): 24.3050 (6)

Make up

Protons: 12

Electrons: 12


  • Very chemically active
  • Light in weight
  • Silvery white


  • car seats
  • fireworks
  • medicine

Magnesium Man Powers

  • Can turn his skin hard like the metal
  • Can turn to liquid
  • Can give off a bright light to blind people
  • Is always physically fit due to high metabolism