Why Drugs? Marijuana Edition

A message about drug substance and abuse

What is a drug?

A drug is any substance which, when inhaled, injected, or snorted alters the way you think, feel, and act. This definition includes legal substances like Advil, Tynonol, or Insulin and other chemical filled products (Paint, and modeling glue)

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is an illegal drug in Canada and many other countries. Marijuana is terrible for you if you take overdoses or use it for unnecessary needs it can be a very good path to lead you to other drugs such as Heroin and Cocaine.
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Medical effects

Please stay away from Marijuana . Don't take it. There are deterants to help, but they don't have control over you. Marijuana is a medical or Addicting substance that can drive your positive life away by:

- Having learning disabilities

- Anxiety

- Nausea

- Builds up tar in your lungs

- Slow reaction

- And a very good gateway to other illegal drugs


Deterants are amazing people. They are the ones who care for you and stop you from doing bad things. Deterants are the people the people who will stop you from taking a drug. If you see anyone using drugs tell a Deterant and they will solve this problem. If you do be innocent and don't tell that someone is using drugs they can influence you to doing the exact same thing.


As you can see Marijuana is a very bad drug. It will drive your positive life away and will get you more stressed about your deterants . As this message may get you thinking " I will never dink Marijuana" There is a chance of you taking it..