The Gotham Times

Craig Shaw Gardner Published 1989 225


BatMan Joker Gordon Jack Vicki

Batman is Bruce Wayne and he is a millionair.

Joker is the bad guy who is always in trouble with Batman.

Jack is Joker before he became the Joker.

Gordon is the leader of the police and they try to arrest Batman and Joker.

Vikki is a photographer who is in love and dating Bruce Wayne.


Joker is made by a dude that fell in a a toxic waste and needed plastic surgery. Vicki is in love with BatMan... but it's Bruce Wayne. Joker makes Batman's plane crash in the middle of Gotham and Batman gets injured but still chases Joker to the top of a building where the cops are waiting to catch Joker and Batman.


Bruce Wayne/Batman is having problems with the police. Then The Joker shows up and causes even more problems for Batman. Then Vikki, Bruce's girlfriend, is trying see Batman so he could go to jail.

Book Rating

I give this book a 9 out of 10. I do suggest others to read this book.


The reason this book is called Batman is because it is about a crime fighting super hero that is in a bat costume. They call him Batman.