How to Prevent Burns & Fires

~ Tips preventing burns & fires~

Some tips to prevent burns and fires from happening are to...

  • Keep flammable materials at least 3 feet away from the range.
  • Keep equipment clean.
  • Use dry potholders and oven mitts to handle hot things.
  • Watch your food carefully.
  • Wait until appliances are cool before cleaning.
  • Stand on the side of the oven as you open it.
  • Keep aerosol cans away from heat.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.


  • If you don't use a dry potholder and oven mitt then the cause would be steam and burns.
  • If an aerosol can is by heat it can explode and also the spray can be flammable.
  • If you do not stand on the side of the oven as you open it you can burn your face.
  • Keep flammables away because it can catch on fire.