America In The Future 2021

Where Is America Headed?

What Are Donald Trumps Plans?

Donald Trump has many plans for the United States, some bad some good. A lot of his plans are looked at as racist, which is one reason a lot of people dislike him.

A little Information About Donald Trump

Donald Trump is looked at as a racist to some, but not to all. One reason is because he wants to build a wall to separate Mexico and the United States. Why? To separate Americans and Mexicans. It may not seem racist but he has said several rude things to Mexicans at his speeches:

Page 2- Donald Trump looks on abortion.

One good thing about Donald Trump is he doesn't agree with abortion, which has been a big thing these past couple years. He thinks it shouldn't be allowed unless something bad happens. For example rape, or incest.

Donald Trump says a lot of bad things towards many races.

Trump also was talking about putting gold stars on Jewish people to identify them easily. But why? Many people are comparing him to Hitler, Hitler put hold stars on Jewish people back during the holocaust.