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DECEMBER 2015 Update Vol 2

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein

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4K Update

As we begin the process of establishing 4k in the district, we are excited to introduce a new district wordmark (above) that is being used in branding our 4k program!

This week the NEW 4K Implementation Team met for the first time, to organize and strategize the work related details for implementing 4K next year! The 4K Implementation Team was divided into smaller mini-teams to work on the following 6 areas:

  1. Language Development and Communication
  2. Mathematical and Scientific Thinking
  3. Social and Emotional Development / Health and Physical Development
  4. Special Education / Early Childhood Models and Approaches
  5. Classroom Environment
  6. Policy and Procedures
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Meet our CSD 4K Implementation Team!

l to r: Ted Noll, Karyn Sotiriades, Trinn Rigert, Amy Springhetti, Kristin Sawotka-Butler,

Kim Parmenter, Kirstin Rose, Amanda Zurbuchen, Alan Groth, Rachel Yurk (photo rendering!), Karen Egelhoff, Lisa Matzuk, Angela Little, Helen Butler, Brenda Rowland, Michele Neuville, Michelle Strupp.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.



Check out our new 4k page on our website....a work in progress

Problem Solving Cycles

RtI Update #1

Each of our schools have been utilizing a process to regularly convene a school problem solving team to discuss the needs of students. Whether it be an academic area of need, a behavioral challenge or an area of notable strength (including gifted and talented students), schools have been utilizing a process that works for them.

To capitalize on the strengths of each of our schools and their own RTI processes, we've unified our approaches. Three team meeting structures will be utilized at each school to ensure the problem solving process is systematically implemented. Below are three keys areas around the RtI process that each school will now be using, effective January 2016.

  1. Universal Screening - 3 times per year
  2. Mid-Cycle Progress Review - 2 times per year
  3. District Calibration of Practice - 2 times per year


New Courses for 2016-17

An assortment of new and engaging learning opportunities will be awaiting our high school students in 2016-17! The following six courses and three revisions are all part of the newly approved courses being offered to our students next year.

Click here for more background information related to each course.

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HOUR OF CODE 2015 - WORLDWIDE Join the Movement!

Computer Science Education Week is DECEMBER 7-13, 2015

YOU are challenged to complete one hour of code with students any week during the month of December!

The Hour of Code 2015 - WORLDWIDE

Kidblog Admin Pro is here for K-8

The value of learning through written work published for feedback, questioning, and exploration of others' ideas has proven to be valuable for our writers across the district. For students K-8, staying compliant with privacy while learning to blog and publish work online is a challenge without a resource like Kidblog. As a result all K-8 teachers should be able to create their Kidblog accounts using the access codes that have been sent through email.

A Flex PL offering has been scheduled for December 16th to assist those who want to learn about blogging and all that Kidblog has to offer. Look for other learning opportunities to follow! Join us to learn more by signing up on the Flex PL site.

Student Information Security and Privacy

Our board and administration has been working together to educate and share information with the CSD community concerning student information security and privacy. A new section has been added to our district website under Departments>Technology Department titled Student Security, Privacy and Opportunity. This section of the website details the laws and board policy that address our student's privacy and protection regarding student records, information and technology use.

Parents and students have rights of privacy and the law dictates that schools must protect our students when they access the internet. The law that govern these areas are:

  • FERPA - parental consent is needed for the disclosure of personally identifiable data in student records to third parties.
  • CIPA - schools and libraries receiving federal E-rate funds must employ protection measures to keep children's access to the internet safe.
  • COPPA - parental consent is needed when a web resource or online service "collects" student's personal information whether at home or school for children under the age of 13.

Detailed information about technology use in the district and these laws can be found on the Technology Department website at Technology in Student Technology In The District.


TEACHER CHALLENGE: The response has been great that the Digital Teacher Challenge has encouraged staff to try out new ideas and they will continue through the end of the school year with monthly challenges. Join the fun!

What we resolve to do in school only makes sense when considered in the broader context of what the society intends to accomplish through its educational investment in the young.

Jerome S. Bruner

Cedarburg School District Teaching & Learning Team

Curriculum & Instruction Director: Alan Groth

Instructional Technology Administrator: Rachel Yurk

Student Services Director: Ted Noll

Technology & Assessment Director: Kirstin Rose

T&L Administrative Assistant: Karen Egelhoff

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