Digestive Malfunction

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This is Annie. Annie hasn't been feeling too well lately and her symptoms present as the following: indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and discomfort and pain in the upper right area of her abdomen.


Annie is diagnosed by her doctor with gallstones. Her symptoms, especially the upper right quadrant pain pointed towards issues with her gallbladder. To confirm this hypothesis Annie's doctor did Liver Function Test to test the bile levels, a CT and ultrasound, and checked the bile duct for gallstone fragments, and all came back showing that Annie definitely had gallstones.


To treat this issue most of the time the gallbladder will be removed. Removing the gallbladder leaves the bile with no place to be stored when you are not eating. This means it just flows into the intestines whenever produced and isn't always there when it is needed with meals making digestion of fatty foods somewhat more difficult.