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Valentines Outreach Update

Good Afternoon,

I am writing this update with a heart of joy. Valentines Outreach Friday night was full of a love that only our Jesus could supply. As our 6 teams entered clubs across Dallas we carried chocolate covered strawberries and Mary Kay goody bags. Thank you Global Harvest and FiveStone for the gift donations.

One of our club teams was able to love on a house mom by taking in a birthday cake to celebrate her. Who wouldn't feel loved being celebrated on their birthday? This is such a tangible way to show not only her, but the dancers in the dressing room that our team loves beyond these doors. We do not forget them in-between outreaches. That relationship has allowed our team to connect in powerful ways to others within that club.

We also had many teams that were able to open their arms and embrace dancers and staff during grief. Loss of loved ones and major illnesses were a part of the reality for several women we came across Friday night, and in these moments the holy spirit was present to open doors. It was a beautiful picture to see dancers being prayed over in the midst of the chaos. From an outside eye, the environment wasn't calm, but sitting in the dressing room the Holy Spirit was present and He was the calm in the storm for many.

What do you picture to be an example of love? For JSL Dallas, it was singing Happy Birthday Day, laughing with those around us, jumping in joy as a club team member reconnected with a friend she hadn't seen in the club for months, giving a manager sick with cancer a prayer shawl, praying over the grief stricken, and a team of 50 women entering a club caring gifts with no strings attached. We love and adore these women. The greatest gift we can offer though, is that our God loves them mounds and mounds more! It was a beautiful Valentines.

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"I want to jump for JOY and cry YES JESUS!"


As City Team Leader I am honored to serve with some of the most incredible women in Dallas. God is working through the women on the Dallas Club Team and they are listening to the call placed on their lives. I am thankful for their willingness and heart for the dancers they meet each week they enter into the clubs.

Gina Matthews and Misun Dennis serve on the same club team together. Over the last few months they have had the opportunity to love a sweet women named "J" transitioning out of the industry. Her beautiful story of transition is below.

"JOY... that is the word that describes J. I saw it in her eyes the first time Misun and I sat down to meet with her. In December during our outreach, J had told Misun that she wanted out of the industry by February. After hearing her story we were able to connect her with another ministry here in Dallas, and she began her journey of transition. This month, myself, Misun and Miriam were happily waiting for J to complete her graduation from the program. As I sat there watching her filled with confidence and joy, I cried. I cried for what she went through, I cried for her hurts and pains, I cried for her joy and confidence that she is filled with now and I cried and praised God for allowing us to be a part of her story. Although healing is still to come, she is out of the industry and feeling confident in her abilities and knows that she is loved."

- Gina Matthews (Club Team Leader)

Continue to pray for the women transition out of the industry and those our team is pursuing relationships with regularly! Pray that relationships continue to grow and that JSL represents Jesus in every step we take! Pray for J, as she continues to step out in faith. Thank you Gina and Misun for loving like Jesus.

I will leave you with a thought from J.

"I'm thankful for you and everyone else . I don't know honestly where I would be , I don't know if I would have been still there . Left then came back I don't know . But the thing is that y'all stepped foot into the doors where I was located that day . Believed I was better than that , seen something in me others didn't. Plus, said a prayer which got to my heart and mind . I'm thankful so thankful .

I never had people like y’all in my life and it’s just a wonderful feeling and I know God is working, I know God is real because I see it through y’all!”

- J

Easter Outreach Needs

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We are in need of churches, small groups, individuals and the community to rise up and fill our Love Bags for Easter outreach. We will head into the clubs around Dallas on Good Friday to share the beautiful gift of hope our savior gave us Easter weekend. Please join us by filling a bag! We are in need of 200 Love Bags to pass out in all 6 clubs. Come alongside us by supporting a bag financially, giving donations and praying there is an abundance for those we serve.

Contact for more information!


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