The definition of hardware is the computer our the key bord and the screen est... hard ware is things that you can see when you are on a computer or a laptop. also a pen drive can be hard ware because you download what you need to transfer things to a diffenent computer.

A keyboard is an input device where you can write words a symbols and numbers letters into the computer.


Input devcie you put some thing in to the computer so if you tipe somthing on the key bord in will input writing in to the computer. Here some exmpals of inputs devcies.

A mose is an input device which you can click on the different tips of programs that they won’t to go on.

A Camera is a device which you can tack a photo then put it on to your computer then which you can develop your photo.

Output device

The definition of a output device is when you get somthing out of the computer like when you print somthing off

A printer is a device which you can send a piece of written to the printer so you can print it off. Headphones are a device was you can listen to music without it beaming out.A monitor is devices were you can see what you are doing on the computer.