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Friday, January 23rd, 2015

The socio-cultural revolution of women's rights began with flappers in the 1920's

Flashback Friday - The Flapper Days

Flappers were a new "style" of Western ladies. They began expressing themselves more in the 1920s and these care free women were then coined as flappers. These women were characterized by bobbed hair, short skirts or dresses, and their fondness of jazz music. Other things flappers seemed to enjoy was driving cars, lots of makeup and smoking. Many people in these days considered these women scandalous with their nontraditional ways of life. Women had always been under a mans control or didn't show themselves off the way the flappers did. As soon as people showed their disgust towards this lifestyle, young women began to pick it up. Without realizing it the flappers began a movement of feminism. Yet, I believe they intended to make a statement.

The Flapper Influence

In the 1920's, the development of what is know as a flapper had a lot to do with the beginning of the women's rights revolution. Even though flappers were considered threatening by many Americans, they had a major influence on society and adolescent girls. Flappers were women the embraced change instead of waiting around. This is why flappers became the center of cultural debate after women gained the right to vote in 1920. Many flappers encouraged female unity by creating "flapper flocks", which eventually included male participants. Flappers were know for expressing individualism and became a known symbol of the modern era.
Flappers - Women of the 1920s
At the time, I don't think that flapper really knew exactly what they were doing for society. I don't believe that any flappers had any intentions of improving women's rights and impacting society for generations to come. While flappers were around, women started filling many job positions in the fashion industry as well as answering phones or working on computers.

Flappers vs. Today's Women

There are many similarities with flappers and the women in today's society. Partly because of flappers women are able to express themselves the way they do now. They took a stand no matter how people felt about their lifestyle. Flappers paved their own way through their career and style, not depending on men for financial support. Flappers planted the seed for women to be independent and were a huge part in the feminist movement.
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