Chiara Sanders

A Colonial Student

A Little About Me!

I finally step into the cold and freezing school room looking around for my friends. I take my seat waiting for my teacher, Ms. Jackson (Aliza Jackson). Good morrow, my name is Chiara Sanders. I am a colonial student. I am 8 years old. I live with my mother, Sophia Sanders, my father, Eli Sanders, and my brother, Aryan Sanders. My family and I live in Delaware in a wooden house. My brother and I have to sleep in the Keeping Room on a trundle bed while my mother and father sleep in a jack bed.

I have three schoolyard games that are my favorite that are fun and interesting. These are Ninepins, Morris, and Rolling the Hoop. The first game is Ninepins. It's like bowling. The second one is Morris which is like a board game we use today. The last schoolyard game I love to play is Rolling the Hoop. It’s basically like a rolling wheel you have to roll to everyone. My friends and I are always the last people to get inside from recess to the classroom because we are always distracted from these games!!!

If I were to misbehave in class when I’d go to school, I would be whipped, wear a Dunce cap, I would wear whispering sticks in my mouth if I were to talk in class, or I would have to sit on a dunce stool. There are many different things you can do if you would get in trouble. Good thing I have been good to my teacher, or else I would be in BIG trouble!!!

My classroom has a bunch of things. But only women can be teachers! My classroom has benches, only 1 fireplace, and we would have to be squished in class because there is only one room in one whole entire school! It would also be very freezing in the winter! One law is that a school doesn’t have to be warm.

I use a schoolbook called “The New England Primer”. It is the only schoolbook that we use. It has many questions and many answers about God. I also use a Hornbook. It teaches us many things and ideas but it isn’t a real book. It is actually pieces of wood with printed pages on each side of the wood. My class is always learning new things from the schoolbook and the Hornbook. There were NO pencils or blackboards in school so that is why my class had to use the Hornbook or the “New England Primer” all day long. Hmmm, I wonder what I would do tomorrow for school!