Year 1


Week 3

  • Every Monday the children will be involved in a lesson from our new Positive Behaviour for Learning program. The lesson will be taught by another teacher from our school, the idea being that as teachers we will get to know all children in the school.

  • We are currently learning about respect. In our class, there has already been a shift to more positive behaviour choices.

  • A reminder about home reading. The children will be given a selection of books to take home on Mondays, to be returned each Friday. The children can take more books for the weekend if they wish or may choose to leave their folder at school until Monday. The books are unfamiliar, not having been read during class time. To ensure that they are easy to read, the books need to be at least two levels lower than the child's instructional class reader. Other homework begins this week. This will include spelling, maths, topic talks and computer activities. The children will be given choices in what they would like to complete, enabling homework to be completed in as short a time as possible, or longer, if the children wish. The minimum amount of homework is one spelling activity, one unit from the Mental Maths text, one computer activity and preparation for the topic talk. If you feel this is too much for your child, an attempt to complete something would be appreciated. The children will receive their computer passwords, maths and homework books on Monday. They will also receive their day for topic talks. Homework is to be handed in by Friday of each week.

  • Library will be on Thursdays.

  • Sports uniforms can be worn on Fridays.

  • I hope all parents have been able to log into to see their child's digital portfolio. Please contact me if you have been unsuccessful.

  • Parent information afternoon will be held on Thursday, straight after school. If you are unable to attend I will send home an information sheet.

  • Generally I would attach photos to our newsletters but now the children have their personal digital portfolios. However, I will try to take class or group photos during each week to add photos to future newsletters.

Regards, Kerrie