Hoiten, Mayes, McLellan POD

April 11-15, 2016

Don't Forget!!!

NO School on Monday!!

Tuesday, TALENT SHOW - PAC @7pm

Terrific Tuesday!

On Tuesday, our POD has the opportunity to participate in a web-based conference through Nepris.

"Nepris is a web-based solution that connects teachers with industry experts, to make curriculum topics relevant for students every day. We help educators expose students to different career and education paths, find real world applications to what students are learning, and inspire them to choose a STEM pathway."

Our speaker, Lee Kaltman, will be speaking on the topic of AREA.

Students ARE allowed to bring their cell phones on Tuesday. They will be using them to send answers to questions to the presenter.

I can't wait to share this opportunity with all of our students!

-Mrs. McLellan

"No kid is unsmart. Every kid's a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it." -- Robin Sharma

Spelling Words!

  1. music

  2. musician

  3. select

  4. selection

  5. sign

  6. signal

  7. part

  8. partial

  9. haste

  10. hasten

  11. protect

  12. protection

  13. magic

  14. magician

  15. resign

  16. resignation

  17. electric

  18. electrician

  19. condemn

  20. condemnation

  21. coordinate

  22. coordination

  23. autumn

  24. autumnal

  25. statistic

  26. statistician

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