T3 Professional Development

Tiger Tech Time at Alexandria-Monroe Community Schools

Are you ready?

Are you ready to grow as an educator and integrate technology into everyday lessons, units, and projects? Maybe you are a teacher tech leader but still want to grow as an educator? Perhaps you want to learn how to create deeper and more meaningful lessons while using tech. This professional development opportunity is for you!

As a participant in T3 (Tiger Tech Time), you will:

  • Participate and complete 1 Five Star online course. After determining your tech level, you will select the courses and tier that fit your current needs. If you need help selecting a course, please email or see Shawn Churchill or Meghan Anacker. Sign up for Five Star Online Courses here!
  • Engage in collaboration, discussion, and conversation among your colleagues in the same tier either face to face or virtually using Twitter hashtag #T3, Canvas modules, and/or Google hangouts.
  • Complete all course requirements and projects by May 30, 2016. Stipends will be issued after this date.
  • Need more information about the courses? Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

T3 will help you gain:

As a participant in T3 (Tiger Tech Time), you will receive:

  • A stipend. The money within the budget will be split among the participating teachers. More information about the stipend amount will be available once we know how many teachers signed up for the professional development opportunity. The more CEUs you accumulate, the bigger the stipend. Don't miss out on this great experience!
  • Professional Growth Points to go toward license renewal
  • Guidance, encouragement, and advice from a tech leader at Alexandria-Monroe Community Schools
  • Many new skills to add to your digital toolbox

What kind of Techie Tiger are you?

Tiger Leap

Are you just getting your feet wet in regard to technology? Want to take the plunge but not sure how to do it? The professional development and online courses in this tier will help you use EDTECH by familiarizing you with the best practices in tech integration. Learn about technology frameworks and basic tools to help your students.

The following courses are available in this tier:

Note: LOD stands for Learning on Demand

Defining the Digital Difference (LOD)

Foundations of Data Rich Decision Making (LOD)

Intro to Blended and Online Teaching (LOD)

Successful Online Learning (LOD)

Intro to Online and Blended Teaching

Tech Integration 101

Tiger Launch

Are you confident using the tech resources and ideas you currently use, but feel that you are ready to create above the line lessons in relation to the SAMR model? Sessions in this tier will focus on integration frameworks and certain aspects of the Marzano Framework providing students with over the top learning experiences.

The following courses are available in this tier:

Designing Digital Learning Spaces

Digital Tools for Deeper Learning

Cultivating Connected Educators

Tiger Lead

Do you consider yourself to be an educational technology leader in your school or grade level? Do teachers and/or administrators look to you for inspiration regarding classroom practices? Professional development and discussion in this tier will provide you with information on how to create a classroom full of learners ready to live and compete in the 21st century.

The following courses are available in this tier:

The Leadership Mindset

Design for Learning

Assessment for Mastery

Data for Discernment

RTI in practice

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Shawn Churchill, ecoach