Josiah Henson

By Joseph Espinosa


"Josiah Henson was born June 15, 1789, Port Tobacco Village, MD into slavery." "As child he saw his father beaton and his family sold." "He was sold three times before he reached the age of eighteen."

Growing Up

"In 1828 he became a preacher for the Methodist Episcopal church and was able to earn money to buy his freedom." "Age of eighteen he became a respected preacher. '' "At the age of twenty two he married a slave girl and fathered 12 children."
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"By 1830 he saved up $350 to purchase his freedom." "But, once he gave the money to his master he was told it was raised to a $1000." "Cheated of his money Henson decided to escape with his wife and four children." " Working as a farmer on land owned jointly by a group of escaped slaves he adjusted quickly to freedom."
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Rest of Hensons Life

"In 1842 he moved to the all black community of Dawn Ontario, founded with the support of American and English abolitionists." "His Autobiography, the life of Josiah Henson in 1849." " It was read by Harriet Beecher Stowe and inspired her best selling novel, Uncle Tom’s cabin." "After her book was written almost everybody knew him as Uncle Tom. "1852 Henson's wife dies." "May 5, 1883 Dresden,Ontario,Canada Josiah Henson dies."

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Remember Josiah Henson

"Henson was respected by white and black people, he helped save over 200 slaves in the underground railroad." We should not forget any abolistionist or sacrifice that helped the blacks get there freedom.


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