Cage Free VS Free Range

By: Ashley E. McDowell

Cage Free

Cage free chickens are in cages and they don't get free range but them staying cages are better because the eggs are less exposed to germs and are less exposed to issues of the eggs. But the reasons they are bad is because they put to many in a cage and they don't get to use there natural in stinks.

Cage Free

  • They also don't get enough feed per bird or water.
  • They get slaughtered before there even two which is alot less then there total lifespan.
  • They always stay in the cages.
  • They tend to have better lifes in cages then when not.

How Much does it Cost.


  • $1.89 to $3.19 for a Dozen eggs
  • 600,000 eggs to 6.5 billion table eggs per month.

Safety / Nutrition

  • They Bird safety is better in cages because they couldn't pick on the other birds.
  • They get more nutrition in cages because they get the equal amount of food and water.