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"Known as the bravest of all the philosophers"

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Socrates was born and raised in Athens,Greece. He lived from (470 BCE- 399 BCE) Socrates became well known for his teachings on the Ethics. Although he had many followers, some people were against him and said that he was corrupting the minds of the youth. He inspired others to teach people about living a moral life.

Different from all others!

Socrates beleived that people should focus more on Ethical conduct and less on the natrual sciences, because of this belief he spoke out against the democratc govermental system that was in place which was uncommon for anyone to do with knowing the risk of execution.The reason Socrates was diffrent from all others was that he did not charge for any of his teachings and was a very wise man.

Other Philosophers that where taught by Socrates:

One of many famous Quotes:

"The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less"