CC Essentials - North Jax

Week 5

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In Class...

Week 5 in EEL Guide:

  • Review Charts A-F
  • Interrogative Purpose- 3 ways
  • Getting Dialectic- Analytical Tasks 1-4 for Simple, Interrogative, S-Vi


  • Multiplication speed drills (3s and 4s)
  • BoardSlam!

MHBW Lesson 9 & TWSS Unit 3:

  • Presentations (week 3 paper)- Eric, Jaiden, and Zayna.
  • Dress Up: because clause
  • Read through section III from The Sword in the Stone (pages 66-67) and KWO together using the Story Sequence Chart.
  • Brainstorm because clause and other dress ups/decorations together.
National Number Knockout

Some of us were discussing the official rules for N2K in class today. Here are the details!

At Home...

Week 5 in EEL Guide:
  • Work towards memorizing charts A-F. Especially focus on mastering Chart A this week because we'll have a special challenge next week!
  • Tasks 1-4 for weekly sentences. Experienced students should also do tasks 5-6.
  • Optional: Editing exercise (page 97)

Drill math facts!

  • KWO section III for The Sword in the Stone . (pages 66-67)
  • Finish rough draft.
  • Type/neatly write and double space final draft. Attach completed checklist.
  • Include at least once of each in each paragraphs: -ly adverb, who-which clause, strong verb (no banned words: go, went, come, came, say. said), alliteration (at least 3 words with the same beginning sound), because clause.
  • Title reflects 2-3 words from final sentence.
  • CHALLENGE: Lesson 10- Borrowing a conflict

Potluck & Pudewa

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 6pm

1241 Queens Harbor Boulevard

Jacksonville, FL

Join us for food, fellowship, and a faculty meeting! (See what I did there? Alliteration!) Pam Joudi has graciously offered to host, so we'll meet at her home. Please plan to bring a yummy Mexican dish or dessert to share. After dinner we'll watch the IEW DVDs for units 4-5 to help us prepare to teach in the upcoming weeks!

This is what everyone signed up to bring so far:

Pam- drinks, dessert, paper products

Jen- guacamole, chips

Melissa- cheese, salsa, sour cream

Ashley S.- meat

Britney- rice & black beans, lettuce, tortillas

We could probably use more chips & tortillas, plus any other toppings you might like and/or additional desserts. Ashley C. and Kristine, let me know if you can make it and what you'd like to bring! :)

Final Thoughts...

But the Lord God called to the man, "Where are you?" ... And (then) He said, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?"

- Genesis 3:9, 11

This week, as we work with our children, let us be reminded that God created language ex nihilo, out of nothing, and He did it with perfection. He knew we needed to be able to ask questions because although He knows all the answers, we surely don't! Asking questions is one of the most classical endeavors that exists. It's how we discover the world He created for us, so interrogate to your heart's content! (EEL- page 95)