Is the lost city of Atlantis real?

Finding Atlantis

I wonder...

I wonder if Atlantis is real because if this city of dreams is true i would like to go scuba diving (i always liked scuba diving) and look at Atlantis's great structures. And also explore the great temples and discover power crystals. (Video will explain at the end) And if i'm lucky i could try to find a souvenir a this mysterious place.

Is Atlantis real?

Scientists have been looking around the mud flats of Spain for the lost city of Atlantis. They are convinced that it is there somewhere under the mud flats. They used underwater technology and satellite photos insearch of the suspected submerged city. The team trying to find the city is convinced that a tsunami had taken over Atlantis. Some say that the gods of Atlantis started an earthquake one night to sink and submerge the city of Atlantis.

Is this huge myth true?

Ocean explorer Robert Ballard who discovered the Titanic, has looked for the lost city of Atlantis and has said that the city of Atlantis is true. And after reading this flyer it is clear that this place of dreams is true. I think it's true but Do You?