European passport of languages

eTwinning Project

Collaboration between teachers

Editing Project

Ages: 9-10 years old, second cycle (3rd-4th level) Primary Education

Project language(s): English

Subject(s)/Topic(s): English, Arts and Crafts, ICT, Crosscurricular

Description of the project:

The idea is to travel through Europe with a passport (our European passport of languages). We work the most common curricular contents in all countries and design 2 activities for each topic (1st activity as introduction of the topic and the 2nd activity in the final part of the topic, to conclude). With this, the students will complete pages in the European passport of languages).


introducing with other children, sharing their ideas. sharing their work, use ICT to collaborate and learn. encouraging pupils to learn to know and respect each other

teaching English in an appealing way.


Write/talk about places in a community/country; Learn about the food pyramid; distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food; talk/write about your favourite food; write a recipe; learn vocabulary about TV programmes; write/talk about famous people in history; learn about animals


Create a tourist city guide (Glogster,...)

Survey about their favourite place for a holiday from the ones in the previous activity (micropoll,...)

Christmas songs contest (sing the song, record it, share it on TwinSpace and vote for the best one using polldaddy or a similar tool).

Survey about children´s favourite healthy ingredients, write a recipe and create a discussion (forum) about how healthy it is. Share it and make it (video with the steps).

Make a TV programme where famous people in History, or experts about them, are interviewed (video).

Dictionary in pictures (each team (mixed-nationalites team) chooses 20-30 nouns, that children will illustrate)

A passport handmade


September: Schools introducction on TwinSpace (videos, Voice Thread, Power Point,...). GUESSING GAME - Who is who?: Each shcool, 1 picture with all students (all of them with a number: row 1, student 1; row 1, st 2...), 1 podcast with the description of each one and a Google docs (a form) with the questions to be answered. In this way students can react to other students materials (pictures/podcast).



December: Christmas song contest (videos and poll or Flashmeeting to nominate the winner)

January: TV programme interviewing famous people in History or experts talking about them (vídeo).

February: Healthy food survey, write recipe and start forum discussion about how healthy it is.


April: Tourist city guide


June: Holiday place survey choosing from the tourist guides shared on TwinSpace.

On going activities: picture dictionary and hand made passport.

Results or tangible products expected (Web page, videos, poster …):

Euorpean passport of languages (eBook/magazine)

Contest: the most beautiful Logo/Christmas song


Students’ evaluation: project rubric

Audio Recording reading a literary passage (same for all teams)

The most beautiful passport (drawn and written by students)

The contest: the most beautiful Logo/Christmas song

Necessary technological resources:

Hardware: Videoprojector, camera


Communication Tools

- Coggle

- Meeting words

- Desktop mail

- email

- Skype


Coordination with other areas:

Arts and Crafts

Music and poetry

Natural, Social and Cultural Knowledge

Communication (description of the way in which results will be communicated)

Glogster Edu


School website



eTwinning corner in the clasroom

School exhibitions

Assessment criteria for this project


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Friday, July 26th, 9pm

24 Prelungirea Ghencea

Bucharest, Bucharest

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