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November/December 2015

Message From the Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

I'm excited to share with you a few things we have going on at Parkdale Elementary School these days. I hope the school year is going well for you and your family so far and I hope this letter finds you well.

This month's newsletter includes information on our school report card, a project we have started to encourage Kindness at our school called the Blue Flower Project, and some research on brain development that is helping students find "Grit" and a "Growth Mindset". I hope you enjoy!


Mr. Hedberg

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The Blue Flower Project

The Blue Flower Project is an initiative at Parkdale Elementary School that encourages students and staff to consider the Blue Flower as a symbol of kindness. Throughout history the Blue Flower has been used to inspire hope, kindness, and healing. We are encouraged by students' response so far and we hope that this project propels students to perpetuate acts of kindness throughout our school and their lives.

In addition to Blue Flower posters around our school reminding us of the power of kindness, students are able to give blue flowers at recess to others who seem lonely, hurt, or to help them resolve a conflict. Students have also volunteered to be Blue Flower Leaders for each week and are on the look-out for others who may need some extra kindness.

Please ask your child about the Blue Flower and ask them how they expressed kindness today!

Mrs. Monroe's Class Encourages Us to Give Thanks

Brain Research and Developing a "Growth Mindset"

Parkdale Elementary School Staff has been studying about brain research and how helping students to see themselves with a Growth Mindset, rather than a Fixed Mindset, is one of the keys to helping students succeed in school and in life.

The basic definitions are as follows:

* Growth Mindset: The belief that you can improve and get smarter if you work hard. For example, we often hear people say, "I'm not good at math". This comment would indicate a "fixed mindset". With a "growth mindset" one would change that to say, "I'm not good at math, yet". We must believe we can get good if we work hard!

This shift in mindset is what will encourage students to work hard at all they do, to not give up, and to know that if you work hard, you can improve! It has been shown in research that a student's willingness to work hard, more than academic achievement or intelligence test scores, is one of the leading factors in success in many areas of life.

Please check out the links below for some interesting videos on the brain research connected to Growth Mindset.
The Power of belief -- mindset and success | Eduardo Briceno | TEDxManhattanBeach

Art Week to be held Dec. 1st - Dec. 4th!

Parkdale Elementary School will be celebrating Art the days of Dec. 1st - Dec. 4th! Students will have a number of art experiences this week with their teachers as well as professional artists from Columbia Gorge Arts in Education.

We will have an Art Gallery Walk at the conclusion of the week on Friday starting at 2:15 pm in the Gym going until 5:30 pm. Please join us!

Art Week Family Gallery Walk

Friday, Dec. 4th, 2:15-5:30pm

Parkdale Elementary School Gym

Bring the whole family to the Parkdale School Gym this day to view all the wonderful art that will be created during our Art Week.

2014-15 Parkdale Elementary School Oregon State Report Card

One of the ways we use to gauge student progress in math, reading, and science is state test scores. In regard to the state test scores from the 2014-15 school year, we are proud of how our students' scores compare to those in like schools. We ranked higher in every category comparing to like schools.

You can view how our students and school scored by clicking the links below. Please stop by the school or give me a call if you have any questions.

Parkdale Mountaineer Gear Available in the Office! T-shirts = $12, Sweatshirts = $30

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Upcoming Events

Nov. 16th - 20th - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov. 23rd - 27th - No School, Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 1st - 4th - Art Week

Dec. 4th - Art Week Gallery Walk, 2:15 - 5:30 in the Gym

Dec. 21st - Jan 4th - No School, Winter Break

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