the Lifeline

for Crosby ISD teachers only (because we're cool like that)

Waiting to Exhale

Do you ever think you are spinning your wheels and doing as much as you can and time is passing you by? I do! But then I reflect on everything going on in this great district and everything we are doing to strengthen our entire instructional program. Let me just remind you of a few recent initiatives that began last year or this year. None of these are small ventures so if you are a part of any one of these, and ALL of you are in one way or another, then know that you are a big part of history in this district. Here are the biggies:

  1. Balanced Literacy as our umbrella methodology for teaching elementary ELA.
  2. Restructuring our Bilingual program to a dual language approach.
  3. Columbus Initiative
  4. Implementing the 3D to 2D framework for our elementary math program.

All this is occurring while we are planning and organizing new approaches for our GT program in the neighborhood schools. Using new criteria that will identify students in giftedness, we will serve students through a pullout program led by Mrs. Caroline Duda. She has rich experiences and many projects and lessons that appeal to characteristics of GT students.

In addition, we are informing parents, testing students for language proficiency, and enrolling them into our two way immersion program to begin at CKC next year. English speaking and Spanish speaking students will learn together in the same program. Through their elementary years all students will become biliterate! What an exciting opportunity for them!

Oh, and don't forget we are moving to new schools! As if you didn't know, right?

I am very proud as the leader of the district instructional program to work with all individuals who are leading all of these efforts as well as our teachers serving on the front lines every day. It is my privilege to serve you and the students of the Crosby and Barrett communities. My team is a visible support system for you. Please let us know if you need anything!

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