The boy who saved baseball

by Conner Griebel


I think the theme is never give up because you always have a chance.

How Tom changed

Tom changed in many ways. He can talk with out being nervous all the time and he told his strong feelings to Maria and how he felt about her. He got better at the fun sport of baseball at the end of the story. He changed in a positive way.


Cruz is a very good pitcher and hitter in the game of baseball. He helped the team by creating the very helpful hitsim game witch helps you bat better and help your mind. He reminds me of my best friend friend isaiah. He is important to the team because of the hitsim game and is the greatest player on the team.

The climax

The most exciting part of the story was when Tom was last up to bat and hit it straight up and got some people home to beat the fureous Vikings.

Hero of the story

I think Del Gato was the hero because he came out of his life of a hermitt to coach the team and led them to an intense victory against the compeditive Vikings. I can compare Del Gato to my awesome cousin because he did have a job for a long time but now he does.