Ford's Theater

By: Jack Olsen- Period 4- May 26, 2015

How was Abraham Lincoln killed

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln visited Ford’s for his twelfth time for a performance of Our American Cousin. At this performance, Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth; he died the next morning in the Petersen House, a boarding house located across the street. Ford’s Theater remained closed for more than 100 years.

Where and When

Ford's Theater was located in Washington DC and was made August 1863.
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Ford's Theater reopening after closing.

Ford’s Theatre officially reopened in 1968 as a national historic site and working theater. It is operated through a public-private partnership between Ford’s Theater Society and the National Park Service.
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Fords theater today

Fords theater is a place located in Washington DC. Over the last several years, Ford’s has been engaged in a dramatic expansion and renovation. In 2009, Ford’s reopened a restored and renovated theater along with a re-imagined museum, illuminating the world of Civil War Washington and the years of Lincoln’s presidency. In 2012, Ford’s opened the new Center for Education and Leadership, expanding the pathways for connecting with Lincoln’s legacy.

What Ford's Theater did in the civil war

the theatre was taken over by the U.S. military and served as a facility for the War

Who got killed here and who did the murder?

Abraham Lincoln got killed by John Wilkes Booth

Where is the theater located and when was it made?

Washington DC. and August 1863

What play was Lincoln watching when he got killed?

Our American Cousin