should we really have one?

Do or Die

The idea of democracy is that everyone has a say in what goes on.... but is that true? I think that our democracy is corrupt. We are living under the influence of people who have enough money to change anything. buy off anyone. Is this the way you want to live? in a country where the 1% dictates how the 99% lives? I don't! I say down with democracy so that we can all live in a truly free world.


If, in our country, we had a place where it was every man for himself then there would be no problems. Everyone could grow there own food, hunt for meat. and every one would be healthy. I think that this would be a nice way to live because everyone would be healthy. This is the way we evolved to live, in the wild.

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The tyranny of the majority suggests that in a democracy the majority will inevitably seek to tyrannize the minority - Alex de Toqueville

This famous quote explains that democracy is rules by the majority and if your in a minority then you basically have no rights. I like this quote because of the fact that it is so true when it come to democracy.


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