Remote Controls

The Device We All Use

Who Made The Remote ?

Nikola Tesla was the original inventor of the remote control in 1898 , although there was no name for it he patent the device by giving a clear description of a remote he called it the "Method of an Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles" He showed of the device later that year, this was the 1st incidence of the remote control in history. It wouldn't be for the invention of the television where the first wireless remote was developed by, Robert Adler(1956) , he made a remote that would be detected by sound frequency. It took another 30 years for first ever wireless remote to be developed by a Canadian company, Viewstar, Inc., was formed by engineer Paul Hrivnak and started producing a cable TV converter with an infrared remote control in 1980.

What is it used for?

The Remote Control is mainly used to control the television using infrared beams , when you press a button on the remote the signal is sent out towards the television and the television reacts based on what you have pressed. For example if you have pressed volume up the television will then raise it's volume on the amount of times you have pressed it.
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Advantages / Disadvantages

ADV :Allows us to control the television from distance.

The Wireless remote replaces the old wired cables from previous remotes.

you can take the remote around with you.

Dis-adv :You have to replace the batteries which could be costly

You can't control things when someone or something is in the way of the Remote or Television, can use it through walls or other surfaces blocking the waves.

How it works.

When you press volume up on the control it comes in contact with the volume up on the circuit board, Then the integrated board detects the button press and sends a group of binary numbers to the Led and then sends it towards the T.V as an infrared beam the T.V uses it's infrared receiver to receive and then convert the light ray back into an electrical signal then reads it as binary.


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