Welcome to Bookington!

The country where readers dreams come true

Bookington's Culture: So many books, so little time

With schools, libraries and bookstores offering reading materials in all known languages on earth, there is no reason why anyone can't find a good book to read in the country of Bookington.

Depending on the season you come visit, you will find a variety of reading activities to participate in. At the start January through till the end of March, we celebrate reading by honoring writers. Many different writing competitions and author visits are organized in each community. During April, our communities celebrate reading by hiding books throughout our vast cities and parks. During our hottest season (May till September), we pull out our amazing selection of waterproof books, allowing everyone to enjoy reading while swimming in our beautiful lakes and pools. October through December, we honor reading by hosting the world's only Reading Olympics with many exciting and unique games that only Bookington's citizens can participate in, but tourists are welcome to watch and read about.

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Fascinating Facts about Bookington's People and Economy

Bookville, the capital of Bookington was established in 2010. Being a very young country, the population is rather low. In December 2013, our population was 100 000 people. The majority of our citizens work in the forestry, paper products, recycling or book related industries. Authors, illustrators, publishers, bookstore owners and book makers are all very popular jobs throughout Bookington. Obviously, our largest exports are books and re-purposed book furniture.

80m Tower Built from 3 000 000 Books!

One of the many tourist attractions you will find in our capital city Bookville.
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Bookmark your next vacation in Bookville, Bookington

Conveniently located near the Page River, people can enjoy the mild weather of Bookington all-year-round. From January - March, we have spring like conditions which range between +5C to +20C. April - September, we have our summer, which means wonderfully days hot days and warm nights. The average summer temperature is +18C to +37C. Fall and winter are mild compared to our neighbouring country of Canada. The autumn and winter temperatures range from -10C to +5C. It is the wonderfully mild fall/winter temperatures that bring tourists to our annual Reading Olympics, which run from October through December.