Canadian Astronaut

Your chance for greatness

Job Description

A Canadian Astronauts primary purpose is to go to the international space station to further explore space and develop the Canadian Space Program. They make approximately 80,000 to 160,000 which is more than an American Astronaut.


A Bachelor's degree in Engineering or applied science along with a Master's or Doctoral degree in the same areas. You'll also need certain physical requirements such as height, hearing, and sight. CSA Orientation History of Space Flight Fundamentals of Space Flight Current Space Programs Space Operations and Procedures International Space Station Systems Life Science Materials and Fluid Science Earth Observation Space Science Robotics Human Behavior and Performance Flight Training Parachute Jumps SCUBA Diving Physical Training First Aid and CPR Language Training Operation of Photographic Equipment Public Speaking and Media Relations Survival Training (summer and winter) are skills you'll need to officially be deemed an astronaut.

Hadfield's tips on becoming a Canadian Astronaut

Interesting facts

The CSA has launched 16 successful missions into space with only 11 Canadian astronauts ever going to space. The CSA is a growing program that just got its start in 1989 with still lots of potential. The astronaut Chris Hadfield became and internet sensation by performing the Space Oddity song then posting it on YouTube gaining many fans and support. All that American astronauts have manged to do is to be the first person on the moon.