The Roadrunner Report

October 3rd, 2021

First Month of School Reflections

A huge thank you to all of our Holmes Road families for supporting our children through this transition to the 2021-2022 school year! Our first month at school has been spent getting to know our new classmates, learning new routines, and co-creating our classroom communities so that everyone is safe, happy, and learning. For some of our children at Holmes Road, this fall is the very first school experience they've had. For others, this is the first time they've been back to school 5 days per week in 18 months. Either way, we're thrilled to have all of our kiddos here together, and your support during this transition to (or back to) a full time school experience is recognized and very much appreciated!

Parent to Parent Exchange

The first Greece Central Parent to Parent Exchange of the school year is on Wednesday, October 6th, 6-7:30pm. Please join virtually and connect with other parents throughout the district to discuss our hopes and dreams for this school year. To register, please go to
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Picture Day!!!

Holmes Road's Picture Day is Monday, October 18th. Anyone wishing to purchase pictures of their child may do so through MCA Studios online at, using our Holmes Road code:


Please note, MCA no longer accepts paper order forms.

For question about photo orders, please contact MCA directly:

MCA Studios Customer Care 585-748-7168 or

email: MCA Customer Care

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Open House!!

We are excited to invite our families to an In-Person Open House celebration on Thursday, October 14th! Please see the linked Open House Invitation for specific grade level times as well as guidelines related to health and safety. We hope to see you all there and ready to celebrate what we know will be a fantastic school year!

Please Take Our Needs Assessment Survey by Oct. 22

The Greece Central School District is seeking your input as we work to meet the needs of all families and students. Please click here to provide your honest feedback by completing this confidential survey. The information provided will help us to plan programs and supports for students and their families. By completing the survey, you will be entered to win a $25 Wegmans gift card.

Save The Date

Community Schools Presents "Community Partners Fair" on November 11th from 5 - 7 pm at Olympia High School. A flyer will be shared in the near future!

Reminders About Keeping Students Home

We are so excited to have all of our students back to school 5 days per week with us, and we so badly want our students here every day, all day long for their learning and social emotional well being. Having said that, there are guidelines that schools MUST adhere to with regards to keeping children home when they display any symptoms of COVID-19. If you receive a call from our nurse, Mrs. Fox, asking for someone to pick your child up from school due to displayed symptoms, please know that we are adhering to expectations that are not negotiable. In order for your child to be cleared to return to school, we must have record of a negative COVID test result or a specific alternate diagnosis from your child's doctor. The same goes for any absence that is linked with these specific symptoms. For more specific information, please consult the District's 21-22 School Opening Plan. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation with this! We appreciate it so much.

Student Drop Off Reminders

With our families becoming more used to our arrival procedures and traffic patterns, we have noticed some places where we need your help in order to keep our students safe. Please remember the following if/when you drop your children off at school in the mornings:

1) Please follow the traffic pattern as it is laid out in our summer mailing and previous Roadrunner Report. Please do not park your car and let your child walk across the parking lot to the drop off zone.

2)Please make sure that your child is sitting on the passenger side of the car in order to more safely get out of the car at the drop off zone.

3) Please have your child be ready to exit your car quickly so as to keep traffic moving efficiently.

4) Please stay in the drop off lane until it is your child's turn to get out of the car. For your child's safety as well as other children's, DO NOT drop off your child before your turn, or attempt to exit the line early.

Thank you for your cooperation and for keeping our children safe each morning during our arrival time!

Arrival Reminders for Parents

Parking Lot Map

Car Rider Dismissal Reminders

In order to keep our dismissal running smoothly, we are asking you to review the following reminders:

1) To avoid traffic congestion in the parking lot, you are welcome to arrive at Door #6 for Car Rider Dismissal beginning at 2:45 p.m. Please understand that teachers have until 3:10 p.m. to dismiss students from classrooms, as learning is still occurring until that time. If you do need your child released before 3:10 p.m. for an appointment, please let the Main Office know and we'll arrange for that.

2) Masks are required for students, staff, and any visitors to the building regardless of vaccination status. This includes the cafeteria during our Car Rider dismissal. You will not be permitted in the building without a mask. If you need a mask, we are happy to provide you with one. Having all parents comply with this will ensure that we can continue to run our dismissal from inside the school building, especially as the weather changes. Thank you for your compliance with this requirement.

3) Adults picking up children MUST have their ID with them. As the year goes on, our staff may recognize you. However, there will be days where substitutes or other staff will be in charge of Car Rider Dismissal.

4) We ask that Car Riders be signed out by 3:10 p.m. Door #6 will close daily at 3:20 p.m. After that time, you will need to sign your child out at the Main Doors.

5) For students' and our community members' safety, please adhere to all traffic rules and parking lot guidelines. Please park in designated spaces, and do not block fire lanes or other parked cars.

Thank you so much for your cooperation with these reminders! We look forward to continued smooth dismissals as the year continues.

Dismissal Reminders for Parents

Thanks for Your Insights!

Thank you to those families who submitted responses to our "Getting to Know our Holmes Road Families" survey last month. It was wonderful reading about our Holmes Road kids and their families' traditions, hopes and dreams, and worries about the school year. Many of our parents who responded wanted to make sure that we kept their children safe and happy this school year, given the uncertainty of the past several months. This is our intention as well, and we will make sure we keep you in the loop about just how we're doing that!

At this point in the school year, we are taking the time to build classroom communities that are both welcoming and affirming of our students' identities. The idea is that when our students feel a sense of belonging and are comfortable and emotionally safe at school, then they are more available for the academic learning that needs to happen. One way that we are building these welcoming and affirming classrooms is through Community Circles. Community Circles occur at Holmes Road in every classroom, every day. Unlike "circle time" from the daycare or preschool setting, Community Circles use tradition/routines and predictable protocols to make sure that all children feel seen, heard, and valued within the classroom community. Community Circles allow students to share their opinions and insights to build connections with their classmates and ultimately trust, confidence, and a sense of strong identity for themselves within the classroom community. As the year goes on, your child will probably refer to their circles often!

We Want to Know........

Please help us by using this form: Roadrunner Survey #2 to respond to the question, "What would make Holmes Road truly feel like home for you?" We plan to use your responses as we work together with our Holmes Road Action Teams to build a welcoming and caring school community this year! Thank you for your support and your insights!

Important Dates!

Friday, October 8th: Superintendent's Conference Day- No School PreK-12

Monday, October 11th: Columbus Day- No School PreK-12

Thursday, October 14th: Open House

Monday, October 18th: Picture Day