Wilson Weekly

Week of December 11th, 2017

Congratulations Eric!!!

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Action Items

  • GEM Recognition - Join us for Raquel's GEM Recognition at the Board Meeting Monday @ 5:30!
  • Early Dismissal Reminder - Please include a reminder in your emails/newsletter that this coming Friday is an Early Dismissal at 12:15.
  • Lunches on Friday - Please remember to send Mrs. Nora the number of lunches you will need for Friday (if any). If you do have kids that will need a lunch, please be sure to send each of them so they can pay, etc. Team Leaders have a schedule for pick-up.
  • District Questionnaire - With the close of the current district strategic plan and new district leadership (Supt and new Board members), CISD is embarking on a new districtwide Strategic Design Process. The community is being asked to complete a questionnaire to help provide input in what future priorities will be. They are also asking teachers to complete the survey. You may access it using the button below. Don't miss out on this chance to have your voice be heard! Also, feel free to share it with your parents. It is available in Spanish too!
  • Report Cards - So that it doesn't slip up on you after the Break, please remember that Report Cards are due the week we come back (4:00 on Jan. 3rd).

Important Message from Nurse Jill!

In light of our upcoming classroom parties, I thought it would be good to send out a friendly, general reminder about food allergies! If your classroom is nut-free, all parties, snacks and any/all lunches eaten in the classroom need to be nut-free for the entire school year. This includes any meals brought from home or brought in from the cafeteria including sack lunches. Thank you for your awareness!
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Real School Gardens

Back in early November, you should have received a message from Alison at Real School Gardens entitled Real School Gardens Launches Digital Education Platform. If you have not yet done so, please follow the link and prompts below to set up your user id and password before your upcoming design day. If you can not find the message, please check all of your mailboxes just in case it was deleted. Please let Carol know if you have any questions!

PLN Launch

Did you miss the PLN Launch Party last week? There is still a chance to participate!

If you are interested in being a part of the learning this next semester (book study, Twitter chat, in-person/virtual trainings, etc), click on the button below and add your name!

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Week At A Glance

  • "Grinch Day" - Bring a salty snack to share in the Lounge!
  • Kinder RtI
  • 5th Grade Design Day
  • Middle School WEST Band Concert - 10:00 - We'll call classes down to the Gym.
  • Board Meeting Honoring GEMs - 5:30 - Let's celebrate Raquel!
  • PTO Meeting - George Coffee - 6:30


  • Ugly Sweaters!
  • 5th Collaborative Team Time
  • 1st Grade Design Day


  • 4th Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • Kinder Design Day
  • Principal Visit - Several Principals from Frisco ISD will be on campus touring classrooms. :)
  • 5th Grade Spelling Bee - 8:30
  • FedEx Cancelled - Be on the lookout for info from RAOK Club on an opportunity to join them after school if you'd like!


  • It's "Home Alone" Day, so enjoy a delicious pizza lunch!
  • 3rd Collaborative Team Time
  • DLI Meeting - CANCELLED
  • Holiday Extravaganza - 5:30-7:00. If you are able to help decorate a photo backdrop on the stage, join us right after school!


  • Polar Express Day - Enjoy a day in your "jammies!"
  • Spirit Assembly - 8:30 - The Office will call classes down.
  • Early Dismissal - 12:15 - Feel free to get an early start to the Break once your kids are safely gone!