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May 6


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for my warm welcome back to school! I greatly missed my DCES family and am happy to be here. You are an incredible staff, and I can't imagine being anywhere else!

Schedules and Classrooms

The end of the year is an exciting time, but please keep your schedules and classrooms as normal as possible. Our students need the predictability of a regular school day and school environment. Any packing of classroom items should take place when students are not present. Your classroom should maintain an instructional focus through the last day of school.


From Patty:


So we move quickly into SPGs and DAs. Thank you all for working with your grade chairs to let them know your choice for paper pencil or online. DAs may be kept locked in your room, SPGs can NOT.

4th grade and SPGs for PE.ART AND MUSIC

Students will be taking these assessments during their regular specials time Tuesday May 10-Friday May 13. Art, Music and PE will be coming to your classrooms to administer these assessments. Music teachers will need access to your projector as they have musical selections they play with their test. More info to come so please watch your email regarding read aloud students.


Thank you for being proactive this time of year. Our students who struggle with self control benefit from predictability, clearly defined expectations, and positive incentives. Please remember students should not be walked to/sent to my office for disipline issues. I am not often in my office and so they may end up unsupervised. If it is a critical emergency, push the white button and we will come to you. If it is something that needs attention, but not an emergency, send an email as we have access to that most likely if we aren't in our offices.

Kindergarten Shadow Day

We had A LOT of students sign up for our Shadow Day so we are going to have many little visitors on Thursday. Please remember to park on the side or back of the building that day.

Report Card Timeline

Teacher Finalize- May 19 by 9 pm

Teachers Verify PDF and Make Changes in Gradebooks - May 23 by 9 pm

Report Cards are printed- May 24


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