Post Unit Reflection

Indentity and Relationships

Identity and Relationships are an important aspect to our everyday lives as human beings. They are the make up to who we are and our morals and beliefs. Without them, we would all be the same people. The following are the aspects our our lives that make us individuals and unique as the human race.

Informed Conscience

A conscience ranges from something within people telling them what to do, to the place inside your head that you escape too. A conscience is a person's inner most secret thoughts and sanctuary. It is the unwritten laws that we live by as people tell us how to live and instruct us on what we believe is right and wrong. A conscience is someone's own thoughts that instructs them what do to and helps to make decision. An Informed Conscience are the instincts which allow decision making to occur while considering all of the possible consequences as well as the possible gains. It is essential to have an informed conscience when dealing with important issues and relationship issues as if you make a poor choice you could have to face the consequences and troubles along the road of life that you don't wish to make and could give you a hard time. It is important that time and consideration is given before making decisions.

Catholic Church Teachings on Sexual Intimacy

The catholic church has many teachings on sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human person. All of these aspects are integral in a relationship and determine the intimacy of the relationship. Sexual intimacy finds its fullness in the commitment of a marriage or loving relationship in which the two involved are treated equally and the upmost respect is given to the other. Sexual intimacy are broken up into two parts: Unitive and Procreative. Unitive means the couple are brought together in a special way through intercourse. Procreative means the sexual intercourse has the potential to make a baby. The church teaches that sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person involved. The teachings are this because we are created with worth and dignity and these standards need to be maintained. Every human act, sexual or otherwise, should enhance and reflect the image, dignity and respect of individuals.

Catholic Church Teachings on Contraceptives

The catholic church teaches that sexual intercourse should be performed during marriage. The church strongly believes it right to abstain from this activity before matrimony. However, it is controversial to be forced to make this judgement as some people decide to never get married or wish to become united to someone before marriage. There are two functions of sexual acts, like that in sexual intimacy, unitive and procreative. The church believes that both of these should be conducted within matrimony. Procreative is the creation of a baby and new life is born. Unitive is when the couple decides to have sexual intercourse but do not wish to have a baby as a result. Artificial contraception divides these functions and therefore makes sexual intercourse incomplete. If you are too perform sexual intercourse without the wish of creating new life, there are 3 main contraceptive used today: condoms, the morning after pill and spermicides. Condoms are a thin layer of latex rubber that fits over the penis to stop sperm from entering the body. The morning after pill is a high dosage of oral contraceptive that stops the development of a fetus. This is most affective as soon as possible after unprotected sexual intercourse. Spermicide is a cream, jelly or foam that is placed into the vagina and disables or kills sperm.

What is Important in a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship is a make up of many things that are all equally important. The qualities of a person are significant in the way in which a relationship will function and what type of bonds will be formed in the relationship. A relationship could be anything spanning from the bonds between you and your family and friends, to a relationship between two people who have attractions to one another. The two most important aspects of a healthy relationship is mutual respect and the happiness of all involved. Under these topics, communication, honesty, trust, loyalty, support, comfort, acceptance, fairness and the right to be safe and speak what you feel also fall. A healthy relationship also must consist of you being comfortable with yourself and your ability to speak your mind. You must be able to make your own decisions and not be pressured or forced into things you do not want to do. You must enjoy spending time with the other person/people in the relationship and they should make you happy and feel loved. An essential part of a Healthy relationship with others is to have an equally healthy relationship with yourself. You need to love yourself and appreciate yourself for you to allow others too. Being able to make your own decisions and you deciding what is right and wrong comes from loving and accepting yourself. Above all, a healthy relationship must be a place where you feel free to be yourself and deserve respect and undue happiness.