For Darkness Shows The Stars

Diana Peterfreund

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After Kai left four years ago Elliot's father's estate has gone down hill. More than half of there posts left because they were tired of working for he horrible selfish father who only cares that about his new race track. Her mothers dead, her grandfather is very sick and is not expected to live much longer and he sister is exactly like her father. In a desperate state she rents out her grandfathers Boatwright just to find Kai back with his new Cloud Fleet. The first few weeks Kai and Elliot don't acknowledge each other much, but when there is a party at there neighbors estate they are forced to see each other. When she arrives she sees Kai flirting with Olivia Grove, the neighbors daughter. This does not make Elliot happy. Elliot decides to sit with her friend Dee to try to get away from Kai, he comes over and says that all the things he told her about her being his friend and him loving her were a lie. He tells her that he lied because he didn't want to have it hard like the other posts and get It easy because he always hung out with Elliot. She avoids him after that until they take a ride in the magical sun carts that the cloud fleet found on another island. They drive to the big valley with a river and sharp rocks at the bottom. Kai decides to be daring and jump from rock to rock to get across the valley and when Olivia insists on going to she misses the rock and falls onto a cliff a few feet down. The group could tell by looking at her that she had broken many things. They get her out and the doctor checks her and he finds that she's in a small coma. When she finally wakes up two weeks later Kai only gets to see her for a day because he has to run errands in town. After he comes back Olivia dos not remember that she loved him, she starts to like another member of the cloud fleet. After Kai finds out bout this he starts leaning towards Elliot. In the mist of all this Elliot's grandfather dies. At the reading of the will The pastor says that her grandfather left his estate to her. Her father and sister a furious because the Rightful owner of the estate should now be Elliot's sister but he left it to her. After much persuasion form her father Elliot still does not give up her new estate. Her father banishes her from his estate and tells her that any post who tries to leave will be shot. frustrated Elliot makes a deal with her sister and Tatiana and her father move to the city leaving Elliot to look after both estates. One normal day Elliot walks into the barn to do her daily chores and sees a note from Kai, he asks her to come with him on the cloud fleets next expedition. She agrees and runs to find Ro (her and Kai's childhood friend) and makes it to the dock just in time to make it on the boat.

Character Analysis

I think Elliot is considerate because she puts her posts before her and she is loyal to Ro even though she if hard to understand and reduced.

I think Kai is daring because he jumps from rock to rock across the canyon and skillful because he caught Elliot from far away when the horse threw her.


The setting of the story is in the future at Elliot's estate and her grandfather's Boatwright.



-Elliot at her fathers estate.

Rising Action

-Kai comes back

-Kai falls in love with Olivia Grove and Elliot id jealous

-Olivia falls into the canyon and has a small coma

-Olivia wakes up after 2 weeks and does not remember loving Kai

-Elliot grandfather dies


- Elliot grandfather leaves his estate to her

Falling Action

-Elliot father won't let her come on his estate because she refused to give her grandfathers estate to her sister

-Elliot convinces her sister and father to live in the city and have her look after both estates

-Kai leaves Elliot a letter asking her to go with him on the journey he's about to leave on


-Elliot decides to go with Kai on his next adventure with the cloud fleet.


The author of this book Diana Peterfreund.