4th Grade Newsletter

March 23 - April 3rd

Integrated Core

Before break, we completed our advertisements for our roller coasters. The kids did a wonderful job promoting their roller coaster and giving evidence as to why their coaster was so wonderful! We finished the week by discussing sound and heat energy. We will continue our energy unit this week and create circuits. We will also discuss the difference between conductors and insulators. We will begin our Greek Mythology unit next week.
For our ELA skill work, before break we reviewed various skills such as theme, summarizing, main idea, and author's purpose to help us prepare for state assessments. This week, we will continue to prepare for state assessments by reviewing skills such as context clues, text structure, author's purpose, and word structure (prefixes and suffixes.)


Before break, we worked on converting metric units of capacity, mass, and time. This week, we will review all units of measurement. We have state assessments during our normal math block, so we will be reviewing for our measurement test in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our Topic 14 test will be on Thursday and then we will begin topic 16 over lines, angles, and shapes to finish out the week.

Important Dates

March 24th & 25th: State Assessments 9:00 - 10:30 (multidisciplinary performance task)

April 2nd: 4th Grade Musical (6:30 p.m) - Students should arrive at 6:15 p.m.