Technology Expectations 101

by Mrs. Feiden

When do I get my school-issued device?

Students will receive their I-Pads the first day of school, which will also start a two week training course on how to use their technological devices.

Digital Citizenship

Students are only allowed on school approved sites and are expected to use appropriate behavior when communicating/posting on their I-Pads.

Repair and Maintenance

The school Technology Department is located in the library and will be open all day plus 1/2 hour before and after school. Students are expected to carry their I-Pads in the cases provided when moving from class to class and school to home. Damage to devices may result in a charge to the student.

To Tech or Not To Tech

In the case of a forgotten I-Pad at home or Wi-Fi outage, students will complete their assignments for the day with paper and pencil. There will also be assignments designated as "No-Tech" work where students will be expected to use collaboration and creative writing in lieu of technology.
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Consequences for Technology Violations

If a student attempts to disable to the blocking devices on their computer, they risk a 3-day ISS and loss of technology privileges. After three infarctions, students will serve a 5-day OSS and permanent loss of technology privileges.

Commitment to Smart Technology Use

Students and parents must both read, sign, and return the "Technology Agreement" found on the school website under the Technology link.