FINAL WEEK: Whodunnit

Reminders to help us stay safe as we prepare and film

It's Filming Week!

After a great deal of preparation, we are about to begin our Filming Week! I'm so excited for us to be arriving at this step of the process. : )

However, as we prepare, it is important to remember the following procedures and rules to help us maintain best health practices, as well as uphold state, LCPS, and HHS safety mandates. Please read the following about our protocols and send any questions to

To view our schedule, visit


  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your assigned rehearsal/crew meeting time.

  • Students must be wearing a mask upon arrival
    • It must cover their nose, mouth and chin, and be as fitted to the face as possible.
    • No bandanas, neck gaiters or valved masks are allowed.

  • Student must be wearing appropriate clothing to crew meetings, blocking rehearsals and mic checks. Do not wear crocs or slides. Your foot must be in a shoe that entirely encloses your foot. School policies on appropriate attire applies. Cast members will come fully dressed in costumes, hair & make-up for filming days. Review the Schoology Whodunnit page for tutorials.

  • While parents may wait in the school parking lot until the end of your child’s rehearsal, we will not be allowing parents (who are not trained safety captains) into the building.

  • Remember, students will enter through one door (A5, or the main entrance during inclement weather) and exit through a different door (B1 – outside the band room/across from the stadium).



Students must…

  • Wait in line outside of the school, maintaining 6 foot distance (as indicated by the markers) until it is your turn to meet with the safety captain.

  • Meet the safety captain outside the A5 door.
    • This is directly by the Blackbox and the backstage of the Auditorium.
    • In case of inclement weather, we will use the main entrance of the school. The Safety Captain will be underneath the school entrance awning.

  • Hand your completed LCPS COVID-19 Prevention Daily Questionnaire to the safety captain.

  • Have your temperature checked by the safety captain.
    • Those with fevers will be immediately sent home

  • Verify that you are wearing gloves or put on an HHS provided pair.

  • Receive approval from the safety captain to enter the building via the A5 door.

  • Once inside the building, students must wait on a distance floor marker, until Ms. Ramacci calls you for next steps.


Once inside the building,

  • Each student must maintain social distance requirements at all times.

  • Your gloves and mask must remain on at all times.

  • Students must listen and take direction from Ms. Ramacci and the other adult safety captains.

  • All cast members must remember their provided number.
    • This number will represent the only chair you will be able to sit in within the auditorium, when you are not on stage. All seats will be carefully labelled and socially distanced.
    • This is the number of our mic.

  • Students cannot take their phones on stage.

  • Students cannot bring food, drinks (other than water) or additional items from home with them. Students must walk outside to drink water, due to mask requirements.

  • Student who do not follow these rules will be sent home.


  • Students will only be called for those meetings, rehearsals and filming sessions where they are needed. Students will be excused as soon as their section is complete and should be picked up promptly.

  • Students will exit through the B1 door (outside the band room/across from the stadium).

  • If any student becomes ill at any time, they will be moved to an isolation room (following LCPS protocols). Parents will be contacted, and the student must be picked up immediately.