Glendale Elementary May News


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Dear Families,

The story for this month is: A Bike Like Sergio's by Maribeth Boelts

Finders keepers, right? When Ruben picks up someone’s lost money, he finds out how hard it can be to do the right thing.

Ruben feels like he is the only kid without a bike. His friend Sergio reminds him that his birthday is coming, but Ruben knows that the kinds of birthday gifts he and Sergio receive are not the same. After all, when Ruben’s mom sends him to Sonny’s corner store for groceries, sometimes she doesn’t have enough money for everything on the list. So when Ruben sees a dollar bill fall out of someone’s purse, he picks it up and puts it in his pocket. But when he gets home, he discovers it’s not one dollar or even five or ten—it’s a hundred-dollar bill, more than enough for a new bike just like Sergio’s! But what about the crossed-off groceries? And what about the woman who lost her money? Presenting a relatable story told with subtlety and heart, the creative team behind Those Shoes pairs up again for a satisfying picture book.

Always remember to :

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Take care,

Jennifer Molitor

A Bike Like Sergio's


  • May 2 - PTC Meeting 6:30PM
  • May 10 - 5th Grade Optimist Lunch 11:00AM-1:30PM
  • May 11- JNATS Meeting 8:00AM
  • May 11 - Grade Level Concerts 1st grade: 10AM 2nd grade: 1PM 3rd grade: 2:45PM
  • May 11- LAKER LEADERS Meeting
  • May 12 - C.A.R.E.S Breakfast 9:30AM
  • May 12 - GLENMART 4th & 5th Grade 9:10-9:50AM
  • May 12 - 4th Grade Hockata Ti Cultural Center Field Trip 10:00AM-1:00PM
  • May 15 - 2023-24 KINDERGARTEN OPEN HOUSE 4:30-5:30PM
  • May 16 - 3rd Grade Target Field Field Trip 9:30AM-1:30PM
  • May 16- 4th Grade Cookie Dough Pick Up (GYM)
  • May 17- Choir Concert Dress Rehearsal 9:30AM
  • May 17- DOGS Meeting- Wilds Golf Club 7:00PM
  • May 18- Choir Concert 7:00PM
  • May 19 - CASH FOR CRITTERS (wear a hat & bring $1 for our animals)
  • May 19 - GLENMART 2nd/3rd grade 9:10-9:50AM
  • May 23 - FUN IN THE SUN K-2 9:30AM-11:00AM 3-5 1:30PM-3:00PM
  • May 24 - 5th Grade Middle School Tour 10:45AM-12:00PM
  • May 25 - ESTEM DAY!
  • May 26 - 5th Grade Track & Field Game Day
  • June 2nd- Kindergarten Graduation Program 1:30PM
  • June 2nd- 5th Grade Fort Snelling Fieldtrip 11:00AM-3:00PM
  • June 2nd- 1st Grade MN Zoo Fieldtrip 9:45AM-3:15PM


Students at Glendale will be recognized for showing the CARES skills through out the school year. Adults can recognize students who are doing an excellent job demonstrating: Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy or Self control. Students who are recognized will be honored with a certificate, have their names announced at an All School Meeting, will be showcased in the Glendale monthly newsletter and will get to enjoy a cinnamon roll breakfast with Mrs. Molitor & the other recipients during morning meeting.

Congratulations to all of the students that received this award for February! The next C.A.R.E.S. breakfast honoring the March winners will be Friday, May 12th.

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We are down to our final 6 weeks of school! Attendance has been a focus at Glendale this year because we know that it is a key indicator of success in school.

As the year winds down, we want to continue to stress the importance of students being in class each day. We finish the year with important curriculum and learning to set our students up for success next year. Thank you for helping get your child to school each day, for the entire day.


Glendale has an amazing staff and our teachers are dedicated to students' success.

May 8th-12th is Teacher Appreciation week! At Glendale, our PTC and parents from each classroom are honoring teachers in a variety of ways. The Theme this year is "Thank you to our GROOVY Teachers & Staff"

Friday, May 5th is also School Lunch Hero Day. Glendale has an outstanding group providing meals to almost 600 students every day. A HUGE thank you to Darin, Sarah, Bobbi, Kim & Liliana for their commitment to providing such delicious, healthy breakfasts and lunches to our students!

Wednesday, May 10th is School Nurse Appreciation Day. Thank you Lisa & Tuyet & Maria for all that you do for our students to keep them safe & healthy here at Glendale!


The teachers, in cooperation with the principal, build balanced classrooms to create the most positive, engaging, and rigorous learning environment for all students. They consider factors such as students’ unique strengths and areas of needed growth, work habits, ability, and special individual needs. All teachers at Glendale are highly qualified and we do not guarantee specific teachers. You may share any special considerations you feel your child may need for next year with their classroom teacher.


Rex is our beloved Glendale bunny that needs a home on the weekends.

When committing to take Rex, note the following:

- We will pack up and have all the necessary items for a weekend away ready for pick up: bedding, food, cage, fence, play toys, etc.

- 5th Grade Junior Naturalists will train your child on how to care for Rex and clean his cage before he goes home.

- A step by step guide of how to care for Rex is provided.

- On a normal weekend, one cleaning of the cage is needed.

(All cleaning materials and new bedding, etc. is provided.)

- The preferred time to pick up Rex is before the end of the school day: 3:30

- He can come back to school on Monday whenever works best for your family

- Rex is a very easy going bunny and loves spending time with people of all ages

- If you have any questions before deciding, please feel free to contact Megan Young or Julie Donohue


Glen, our school tiger salamander, is looking for a family to spend the summer with! He is VERY easy to care for. He eats crickets a few times a week, needs fresh water, and his cage needs to be sprayed to keep moisture in. Please email if this is something your family would be interested in.



K &1st: Cutting and reassembling puzzles

2nd: Clay Pinch Pots

3rd: Painting & zentangle doodles with lettering

4th: Clay Coil pots

5th: Wayne Thiebaud Cakes & finishing the year’s work to choose for final display


We enjoyed having Mike Wohnoutka come visit our school last month! He spoke to the students about how he creates his books and drew some awesome pictures for us!

We announced the Star of the North book winner for K-2 which was The Box Turtle and the Maud Hart Lovelace book winner for 3-5 was City Spies!

Kindergarten and 1st grade finished up their lessons in Kodable and started a new coding program on

2nd grade starting learning about Events in coding and how to use them to create interactive games.

3rd grade learned about Conditionals in coding and how they can help simplify their program. We also took a break from coding due to MCA's and did some digital citizenship lessons about their responsibilities online to themselves and others and also about how photos and videos online can be altered and are not always real.

4th grade learned about Conditionals in coding and how they can be used to simplify a program. We took a break from coding during MCA's and did a digital citizenship lesson called Keeping Online Games Fun and Friendly which talked about ways to keep video game chats positive and fun.

5th grade finished up Book Tasting which allows them to rotate tables and sample books I have placed out. They read summaries and made a list of interesting books. In coding we learned about Functions which can help simplify a program. We also took a break from coding during MCA's and did a digital citizenship lesson called Digital Friendships which talked about the benefits and risks of online only friends.


In music, kindergarteners have learned how to play rhythms on instruments by reading music, along with learning what a rest is in music! 1st through 3rd grade have been working hard on their concert songs, and are busy memorizing! 4th grade is continuing their work on recorders and are preparing for their end of the year note reading assessment. 5th grade has finished ukuleles and they are now preparing their songs for their graduation in June!


Hello Glendale Families! We have been doing a wide variety of activities to keep building our CardioVascular endurance. Also, we continue to focus on teamwork, sportsmanship and participation. Students have been using our scooters. We have been playing Scooter Handball and Scooter Hockey. Our class periods are exciting, fun and fast. Don’t forget to ask your child what they did in Physical Education class when they get home each evening. We are hoping to be outside soon, PLEASE help your child to remember proper tennis shoes and to dress for the weather.


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We are still in need of Lunchroom & Recess volunteers!

Lunchroom Volunteers would be assisting with washing tables and supervising students while they get ready for recess.

Playground Volunteers would be helping supervise students out on the playground.

If you're willing and able to help, please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


Thank you so much to all of the families that attended our Spring Fling! And a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make it a success! We had over 300 kids attend and loved seeing families connect and the kids having so much fun!

Glenmart, the school store, will be open 1 more time for each grade level (please note the date change due to a field trip). Thanks to all of the kids that have shopped with us and thanks for supporting Glenmart!

Upcoming shopping dates:

Grades 2nd & 3rd- May 12th

Grades 4th & 5th- May 19th

Our Glendale Teachers and Staff are GROOVY!! Please help us celebrate them during National Teacher Appreciation Week May 8th-12th! Please see the graphic below to see all of the fun things we have planned to celebrate them. We need your help on Monday the 8th to share the love by having your students send a note to their teacher and then on Friday the 12th, have your student dress in their grooviest attire!

If you haven’t already, please consider giving our Facebook page a like to not miss any important details! PTC will be using our Facebook page for updates, event information, restaurant nights, sharing information and more!

We are already planning for next year and would love for you to join PTC. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like more information!

Jenny Olson

Glendale PTC President


  • The DOGS are in the lobby!!! We have a new DOGS bulletin board in the Glendale Elementary lobby that all of you will be able to see our upcoming events and DOGS updates.

  • The next DOGS meeting will be held on May 17 at 7:00pm at The Wilds Golf Club

  • We are looking for Glendale volunteers (does not have to be a DOGS member) to volunteer at The Lakefront Music Festival in Prior Lake. You will receive free admission to the festival, a volunteer t-shirt, and we will receive funds back for your efforts that we can use for future school projects. Please scan the QR code on our flyer to register.

  • The DOGS 3rd annual golf event will be held on Thursday, August 3rd @ The Wilds Golf Club. Fees include golf, cart, and lunch. We will have a raffle and prizes available after the event. Please sign up using the QR code on our flyer. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • We are currently looking for a new Glendale DOGS Leader!!! This is a fun and rewarding position that puts you in touch with other Glendale and Prior Lake Elementary School dads and does not account for much of your time. If you like to participate in school functions, help with school projects, and be a presence at our school, please contact Scott Sanborn @ for more information.


The weather is getting warmer and with that comes wardrobe style changes! We thought it would be a great time to send a friendly reminder about our dress code and what's appropriate to wear to school. This can also be found on our Glendale website in the Student Handbook on pages 13-14.

A dress code policy is in place to encourage students to be dressed appropriately for school activities and in keeping with community standards. This is a joint responsibility of the student and the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

Appropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1) Clothing appropriate for the weather.

2) Clothing that does not create a health or safety hazard.

3) Clothing appropriate for the activity (i.e., physical education or the classroom).

Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1) “Short shorts,” skimpy tank tops, tops that expose the midriff, and other clothing that is not in keeping with community standards.

2) Clothing bearing a message that is lewd, vulgar, or obscene.

3) Apparel promoting products or activities that are illegal for use by minors.

4) Objectionable emblems, badges, symbols, signs, words, objects or pictures on clothing or jewelry communicating a message that is racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory to a protected minority group, evidences gang membership or affiliation, or approves, advances, or provokes any form of religious, racial, or sexual harassment and/or violence against other individuals as defined in policy 413. 5.

5) Any apparel or footwear that would damage school property.

6) Hats are not allowed in the building except with the approval of the building principal (i.e., student undergoing chemotherapy; medical situations).

7) Any item of apparel deemed disruptive to the educational process by an administrator.

Students who are in violation of this policy will be asked to change out of the offensive clothing. Other options may include sending the student home, wearing PE clothes, or other disciplinary actions. If your student questions appropriateness of clothing, they should check in at the office with a principal or counselor before the start of the school day.

More information can be found in School Board policy 504, Student Dress and Appearance.


We are in search of 1 noon supervisor who would be doing lunchroom duties:

Position: Inside/Outside- wiping tables and monitoring students getting dressed to go outside

*Please look for this Glendale posting on our district website.

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Glendale Attendance Line 952-226-0201

Glendale Main Office 952-226-0200

Glendale Health Office 952-226-0206

Jennifer Molitor, Principal

Lindsay Comstock, Dean of Students

Dawn Ryan, Head Administrative Assistant

Heather Hartman, Building Administrative Assistant

Andria Turcott, Social Worker

Technology Helpdesk 952-226-0062 or

District Transportation 952-226-0050

Prior Lake Bus Company (after hours) 952-440-1166

Glendale Elementary

At Glendale Elementary, students and adults practice the C.A.R.E.S. skills to create a respectful and safe learning community. Students are providing many learning opportunities to become successful, independent 21st century citizens. Science and environmental education is an important emphasis as well. Glendale's parent support is outstanding including an active PTC, volunteers and the DOGS group.