Antigo's Homecoming

September 23rd - September 27th

The Homecoming Football Game

Friday, Sep. 27th, 7pm

Schofield Stadium

At 7:00 PM in Schofield Stadium, we will be having the homecoming football game of Antigo vs. Lakeland.

Planned Events that Day

2:00 PM: Assembly + coronation of Prom King/Queen and Court

4:00 PM: Homecoming Parade

7:00 PM: Antigo vs. Lakeland Homecoming Game

8:30-11:30 PM: Homcoming Dance, Tickets cost $12.00 per couple at the door, $6 per single.

The Dress Up Days This Week

Monday- "We will rock you!"

Dress like a rock star.

Tuesday- "Four Chords"

Seniors = Country, Juniors = Hip-Hop, Sophomores = Disco, Freshman = Classical

Wednesday- "Welcome to the Jungle"

Dress in jungle wear

Thursday- "Over the Rainbow"

Seniors = Black, Juniors = Blue, Sophomores = Red, Freshman = Purple

Friday- Rocking Robin/Spirit Day

Dress in Maroon and White clothing.