Ms. Perez's Newsletter

Week of Monday, December 8th

Room 205

Two more weeks until Winter Break!!! If you have not returned your child's signed Progress Report, please do so. Don't forget to log those pages for the Aggie Dream Team program. Any completed logs may be turned into the library.

Monday, December 8

Healthy Heart Jog

Thursday, December 11

Double Dave's Profit Share...5pm-9pm

Saturday, December 13

Candy Cane Fun Run...9am-10:30am


  • Please remember to have your child at morning assembly by 7:40am. Morning assembly is a great way to start our day together as a class family.
  • Make sure to check and initial their Panther folder daily for behavior notes and school/community information.
  • Check their blue Homework folder for any assignments. Remember all homework is given Monday and due Thursday with the exception of spelling tests, which will be administered on Friday.


Our study of time is going well. This week we make the push into telling time to the minute. Please practice the following terms with them: hour hand, minute hand, quarter til, quarter after, half past. As well as a.m. and p.m.

Students will be assessed over time Friday, December 12th.


For our weather study, we look at the various ways weather can change. We are becoming familiar with the different tools used to measure weather, i.e. thermometer, rain gauge, and a weather vane.

Students will dig deeper into specific weather patterns and phenomena.


We are keeping with even and odd. Students must determine whether a sum is even or odd based on its addends. For example: 2+3 would be an odd sum. The actual sum is not necessary just whether it is even or odd.

Rules: Even + Even= Even, Odd + Odd= Even, and Even + Odd= Odd

The ability to recall facts quickly and accurately is essential to a student's math foundation.