Vacation VENUS

arbo travel 902 south jefferson canada

what you will enjoy there

you will enjoy being on the second biggest planet on the galaxy

you will get a tan everyday and look so good everyone will be saying wowwwwwwwwwww

and its also fun there because it is all natural there.

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size of planet: 6,052 km

distance from sun: 108,200,000 km

length of day: 116D 18h 0m

length of year: 225 days

number of moons: 1

the planet is made out of iron core and rocky mantle

no one knows who discovered venus

it would take 4 months to get to the planet


- climb the volcanoes

- get a tan in 2 minutes

- everyone on earth will see us partying

weather report

this weeks weather is hot hot hot and raining fire balls

no storms in the forecast

how does this planet compare to earth

what is its atmosphere made of?

earth: nitrogen, oxygen, gases venus: nitrogen, vapour, carbon-dioxide

size (km) compared to earth

earth: 6,317 km venus: 6,052 km

number of moons

earth: 1 moon venus: 1 moon

travel essentials

oxygen, water, sunscreen,sunglasses,rock-climbing gear, volcano proof gear, swimsuits, clothes, construction boots and ect.