Summer Roundup

Date: August 6, 2019

Weekly Message

We hope everyone is enjoying this last week of summer but also experiencing some excitement about the new school year coming up! Very few professions have the ability to make such a strong impact on the lives of young children and our community. Although hard work is ahead, we know it is going to be a great year for you and your students. We look forward to working alongside you to educate and guide our Colts. Enjoy these remaining summer days! See you on Monday!

Peter, Sarah, and Aaryn

School News

  • Staff Update: We have hired Alice Arena to be our new kindergarten special setting class teacher. She is coming to us from Illinois. Please help us welcome her to our school family!
  • Cleaning Update: Due to the HVAC work, they still have not been able to wax the yellow and blue hallways. The red hallway has been waxed. Once we find out when they will wax the other hallways, we will let you know. They are still also working on cleaning items we found that need to be done in the classrooms. These will be reinspected midweek.
  • Teacher Workweek: Dress for next week is casual except for “Meet the Teacher”. Please dress professionally for that. Your hours for next week can be somewhat flexible. We do have some days with morning meetings. As long as you get your 7.5 hours in each day, you can come a little later and leave a little later or come earlier and leave earlier as the meeting schedule permits. There is an updated copy of next week's schedule at the bottom of the newsletter.
  • District Training Sessions: The district is hosting different training sessions next Wednesday at the district training center. Teachers going through Annual Summative (2nd year and 1st year in SC) and Continuing Formative (5th year renewal) will be from 8-12. Induction teachers (1st Year) will have theirs from 1-3 with a mentor reception following.
  • New Staff Member’s Birthdays: If you are new on our staff and would like to have your birthday (year not included) on the weekly birthday list, please send Peter the date. Thanks!
  • Classroom Furniture: Please do not move any furniture out of your classrooms. Each classroom has certain furniture that needs to stay. As you know, each room and closet is being used this year. Storage is extremely limited. Also, the tile flooring in the classrooms have been waxed. If you drag boxes or furniture over it, it will scratch. They will not have time to fix it before schools starts.

Staff Birthdays

Amy Klein, August 10

Donna Schueren, August 12

Upcoming Events

  • 8/9: New Teacher Orientation at 8:30
  • 8/12: Teachers Return
  • 8/15: “Meet the Teacher”
  • 8/19: Students Return - First Day of School
  • 9/2: Labor Day - No School