Munch On A Healthy Lunch

A Legend High School Issue

Our School Needs Healthier Lunch Options!

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Questions We Asked Our Peers

What do you think we could include in our school lunches to be healthier?

Do you agree or disagree that Subway is a better lunch for students to have?

What do you think is an ideal price for a school lunch is?

Who do you think should be responsible for pricing our school lunches?

Is the amount of unhealthy food in our school a problem?

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the menus planned?

Are school meals healthy?

Can schools serve anything they want?

How are portion sizes determined?

What are commodities, and are these high quality?

How is the food service department funded?

Why purchase a school meal?

How are meal payments made?

Why is pricing different for adults and guests meals?

Can my child purchase extra items?