Lodz Ghetto

Housing District Before Concentration Camps


Lodz is located in poland and was captured by the Nazi's in September 8, 1939. 1in 3 of 665,000 were jewish. The Nazi's blew up synagogues and renamed the ghetto litzmannstadt after the general that led the raid. Lodz was also the first completely sealed of ghetto and was the last to stay standing. The ghetto also had a Jewish council because the Nazis wanted it to keep order among the starving and run the schools hospitals etc.

The counsil and Rumkowski

The council was called the Fudenrat and it controlled the food work and shelter, in April 1940 164,000 Jews lived in 48,100 rooms without running water or plumbing. The Elder of the council was named Chaim Rumkowski decided on the concept on surviving through work. Rumkowski managed to make a sewage system and help out the food shortages.

The People

At lodz before it was raided there were 665,000 people, every 1 in 3 were jewish. The people of the ghetto were starving, in housing that wasnt very livible and barly even clothed. Not all the people in the ghetto were Jews a good handful were Gypsies too. In the Fall of 1941,o 20,000 Jews and 5,000 Gypsies were sent to stay at the ghetto.

The fall of the ghetto

During the first 5 months of 1942, 55,000 Jews and all the gypsies who were housed In the ghetto were deported and killed because the Nazis didn't feel comfortable with Lodz being a work ghetto. 2000 were deported to a hospital in chetmno 400 were children, 80 were pregnant women. 18 who tried to escape were shot. Near the end of Lodz the Nazis told Rumkowski surrender its elderly and children and Rumkowski said to calmly hand the over, 20,000 children and elderly were deported and killed over the next 10 days. On June 19 1945 the soviets liberated the getto. Out of the 245,000 people there only 877 survived.


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