Daliy Aztec

By: Frankie, Brayden, Ian, Elijah, Quiten

News With Brayden

High of 70 degrees today. Tomorrow will be a high of 78. And Wednesday will be 80 degrees, with a chance of rain. And us Aztecs are starting to farm again starting tomorrow. And Now Onto Elijah with the job listings

Mail Boy With Quinten Kistner

Quinten the mail boy walks by and says, “Hey Mr. Brayden!” Quinten throws the script at Brayden and says “Enjoy your newspaper!”

Sports with Ian Shade

The swooping Ravens vs The brown Beans, with an easy 12 to 20 points lead the brown Beans won by 8. The Ravens were one of my favorite teams, guess I’ll have to pick another. Ian Shade Signing off, now to Brayden with the weather


Now job listings with Elijah FLores

You can be a farmer. The payout is 50 cocoa beans a day!

New trading spots are available, your cut is 1 stalk of corn, An hour

New Priest openings, The cut is 1 nice house for the first day! Then 5 stalks of corn every day! Opening for multiple spots on the new team. The cut is 25 cocoa beans a day

Breaking News With Frankie

Breaking News- King Montezuma II has died today at the age of 54
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