Stephen Curry

Biography By:Haydn Pleasant

Child hood and Marriage

As a child Stephen Curry grew up in a rich family.His dad Dell Curry was a famous basketball player so he made a lot of money as a basketball player. His little brother Seth Curry practiced with Stephen all the time and they loved practicing basketball. He got married to Ayesha Curry a Celebrity or Model. Together they had a beautiful daughter named Riley Curry.And they are still together today, and his little brother Seth Curry now plays small forward for Duke University. And Steph curry is now a famous point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

Did Stephen Curry have a positive affect on society

Stephen Curry had a very positive affect on society because he is very entertaining and very fun to watch. He has training camps for kids and he helps kids become stronger and better basketball players.He got married and had a beautiful daughter named Riley Curry.Like i said he is very entertaining to watch.
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Why Did I choose this person

The reason I choose Stephen Curry is because,I love basketball it is by far my faivorite sport .Stephen Curry is my faivorite point guard in the NBA big 30 Stephen Curry is also known as the human torch.Stephen Curry in my opinion is one of the most entertaining basketball players in my history of watching basketball. Stephen Curry is awesome I love him go Warriors.
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