Integrated Physics Assignments

Ticket in for May 17, 2013

During Class we discussed static equilibrium, then as a class we used the torque aspect first so that one of the support forces could be calculated. For grade complete the exercise and calculate the second unknown (the force at point A) below is a screen shot of the example problem that we started.
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Rotational Motion Vocabulary terms Definitions due April 4, 2013

Term Meaning

1. Angular Acceleration

2. Angular Displacement

3. Angular Momentum

4. Angular Speed

5. Arc Length

6. Center of Mass

7. Centrifugal Acceleration

8. Centrifugal Force

9. Centripetal Acceleration

10. Centripetal Force

11. Gravitational Force

12. Moment of Inertia

13. Radian

14. Rotational Dynamics

15. Rotational Kinetic Energy

16. Rotational Motion

17. Tangential Acceleration

18. Tangential Speed

19. Torque

20. Universal Gravitation Constant